Taste of Crete:

   A Destination

Taste of Crete takes great pride in offering the finest natural Greek products, including our signature award winning PDO Extra Virgin Taste of Crete Olive Oil, as well as Taste of Crete vegan Kosher family-recipe cookies made with olive oil.

Experience the cuisine of an Ancient culture, and the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet! 

Greek Cookies

Our Greek Cookies are the perfect snack to keep you going throughout the day. Made with authentic Greek flavors such as orange, wine, and petimesi (grape), our cookies are delicious and won't hold you back. They are made with no eggs or butter and have ZERO trans fats

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil as long been known for its health benefits on Heart Disease, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Obesity. Our Taste of Crete Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a fruity flavor with a very smooth light pepper finish, and low acidity that is high in antioxidants.

old honey.PNG

Greek Honey

Following a 3,000 year tradition our beekeepers set their hives on the rocky, windswept hills of the Island of Crete. The result is a honey with a subtle thyme aroma and an intense floral aftertaste. Perfect in teas, over yogurt, and on toast, our honey is rich in enzymes that relieve inflammation.