Chickpea Purée- Hummus

From The Secret of Good Health - Olive Oil - Page 103

*200 grams chick peas

*2 cloves garlic

*1/2- 1 teaspoon salt

*1/3 teaspoon pepper

*1/3 teaspoon cumin

*3 tbsps Taste of Crete olive oil

*3 tbsps tahin (ground sesame seeds)

*3 tbsps water

*3 tbsps lemon juice

*1 teaspoon paprika (red pepper)


Soak chick peas the night before in a large bowl with water.  The next day, boil them until soft.  Drain and allow to cool.  In a bowl, dilute tahin with water.  Put chick peas into a mixer and, grinding constantly, add salt, tahin, garlic, pepper, olive oil adn lemon juice until hummus becomes smooth and creamy.  Serve cold, sprinkled with paprika and garnished finely with chopped parsley.