Our Products 

When Taste of Crete first started in 2004 we decided to start with the foundation of all great dishes in the Mediterranean diet: Extra Virgin Olive OilOlive oil as long been known for its health benefits on Heart Disease, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Obesity.  In order to be considered “Extra Virgin” our Koroneki olives are picked by farmers off of the trees, not off the ground, and they’re picked earlier than normal in order to make sure all of the anti-oxidants and nutrients are not lost.  At the end of the process our Taste of Crete Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a fruity flavor with a very smooth light pepper finish, and low acidity that is high in antioxidants. Its flavor really rivals butter in any recipe.

After providing people with the olive oil we here at Taste of Crete decided that the best product to bring to the public was delicious and healthy Greek Cookies.  To be honest we didn’t have to go far as my mother-in-law has always made the best cookies.  The cookies we sell to you are made with the exact same family recipe that my entire family has been enjoying for years! 

The best part you ask? The cookies are made with no eggs or butter, have no trans-fats or preservatives, and it’s both Vegan and Kosher!